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Document Do I need to complete a new application form when I resume back onto my course?

Yes, when you resume after any period of withdrawal, regardless of the length, you must reapply for all elements of your bursary.
This is because your personal circumstances or your parent(s) / partner's financial circumstances may have changed whilst you were withdrawn from your course and we need you to confirm your current details.

The only exception to this is if you resume within the same academic / study year and onto the same cohort, you would not need to reapply for the basic award, however you will need to reapply for any additional allowances such as Childcare Allowance

When you are completing your BOSS application, you must select the course and study year relating to the point in the course you are rejoining. For example, if you are rejoining a BSC Adult Nursing 3 year course in October 2017 with the September 2015 cohort, you will need to select: Full time BSC Adult Nursing, September, 36 months and select study year 3.
If you do not select the correct course and study year, this may lead to a delay in the reinstatement of your bursary entitlement.

If you have withdrawn from your studies and are due to resume on or after the 1st August 2017, in a cohort which started before the 1st August 2017, you may still be eligible for NHS bursary funding subject to authorisation from your Health Education England (HEE) Local Office. You should reapply using the same BOSS account you initially set up and will be contacted regarding the funding decision.

Due to the Health Education Funding reforms, if you resume to a course on or after the 1st August 2017 in a cohort which started on or after the 1st August 2017 any commitment to a bursary package can only be made by Health Education England (HEE). You should not reapply but should contact your university to discuss your circumstances and they will liaise with their local office to establish whether bursary funding applies.


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