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Document Can my bursary award be reassessed if my parent(s) / partner’s income has decreased?

Basic Award

The assessed parental / partners contribution that has been deducted from your Basic Award may be re-assessed using your parent(s) / partner’s current financial year income if there has been a drop of 15% or more in the current financial year’s income when compared to the figure declared for the previous financial year. If you are already in receipt of the maximum Basic Award, this will be unaffected by any decrease in income.

In cases where both your parents’ income is taken into account the drop must be of 15% or more on the combined income, not just the parent whose income has dropped.

If the level of income has not dropped by 15% or more, the award will not be adjusted in the present academic year.

A common reason for ‘current income’ not being 15% less is that the drop in monthly income has occurred towards the end of the relevant financial year, such as in the March, meaning that the whole financial year income total is only marginally lower compared to the previous year’s.
To be considered for a Current Income Reassessment you must complete a Current Income Assessment form and send evidence of the income declared. This must be done within 6 months of the initial drop in income taking place. If your award was originally assessed on both your parents income they would both need to complete their current income details, even if only one of them has had a drop in income.

Click here to obtain a Current Income Assessment form from our website.

If you had originally applied for a non means tested award without declaring your parent(s) / partner's income you would also need to submit a new application for the relevant academic year via your BOSS account, declaring their income for the previous financial year and then send any documents requested in your Evidence required email that were not provided with your original application.
Dependants Allowance

If you have already been assessed for any Dependents, Parent Learning or Childcare Allowances, these additional allowances will be reassessed at the same time as your Basic Award. 

If there has been an increase in their current expenses, these will be considered as part of your reassessment, but only if there was deemed to be a 15% drop in income. An increase in expenses will not be taken into consideration when determining whether a Current Income Reassessment can be carried out.  

Which financial year’s income will be used in this reassessment?
A Current Income Reassessment takes into account the financial year’s income used in your original assessment and the financial year immediately after this. For example, if your academic year began in September 2016, your original assessment should have been based on the 2015/16 financial year. Therefore the ‘current’ financial year would be 2016/17 as it is the year immediately after 2015/16.
Exceptions can be considered with which year is deemed ‘current’ if this year ended prior to or shortly after your academic year began. For example, if your academic year began in April 2016 and your original assessment was based on the 2014/15 financial year. As the ‘current’ financial year (2015/16) ended as your academic year began, we may also consider the 2016/17 financial year in your reassessment.
In these cases, if a reduction of 15% has not been achieved when comparing the original financial year and the financial year immediately after, we can consider using an average of the following two financial years as a comparison to the originally assessed financial year instead. For example, if your academic year started in April 2016 and your original assessment was based on the 2014/15 financial year but there was not a 15% reduction of income in 2015/16, we can consider comparing the average of the income during 2015/16 and 2016/17 with 2014/15 instead.
In order to be considered for a reassessment using an average of two financial years, we would require a projection of the forthcoming financial year’s income to be added to your form and evidence to support all figures declared. You should also include a covering letter to explain the change of income and reasons for the projected figures.

What do I need to send with my supporting evidence?

When sending any evidence, correspondence or paper applications you must include the following:
  • Student coversheet - You can print your student coversheet from the "Documents" section of your BOSS account. This contains your unique barcode reference which enables us to locate your BOSS record and link your documents to it.
  • Self-addressed pre-paid return envelope – This enables us to return your evidence to you. We recommend you pay Signed For or Special Delivery postage on this envelope so that you can track the return of your documents.
When posting anything to us, please also write your SBA reference number (you can obtain this from your student coversheet) in the first line of the postal address and your preferred return address on the back of the envelope that you are sending your documents in.

Failure to provide your student coversheet and self-addressed envelope (if evidence included) will result in the processing of your application and the return of your documents being delayed. This could also possibly result in a delay to any payment of bursary due to you.
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