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Document Will I receive my underpayment if I currently have an outstanding overpayment to repay?

No, if your bursary award is recalculated and you are assessed as being underpaid part of your bursary for a previous month, you will not receive the underpayment amount if you have an outstanding debt owed to us. The underpayment amount will instead be used to reduce the overall total of your debt. If the underpayment amount is more than your remaining debt, you will be paid the difference.
An underpayment can occur as a result of a reassessment of any of the following; 
  • Basic Bursary
  • Extra Weeks Allowance
  • Non Means Tested Grant
  • Dependants Allowance
  • Parent Learning Allowance
  • Childcare Allowance
Reimbursements of Practice Placement Expenses (PPE) and Disabled Students Allowances (DSA) will be paid as usual, regardless of any outstanding debt.


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