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Document Is a tenancy agreement essential to get lodgings rate?

New application

There is a question on the application in the Course Details section which asks where you will be living during term time.

If you tick that you will be living outside of the parental home we will award the lodgings rate without seeing the tenancy agreement. You will not be required to send your tenancy agreement.


If you require a reassessment of your bursary because you have moved out of the parental home, we will need to see an original tenancy agreement in order to award the lodgings rate of bursary.

You will also need to submit a change of circumstances via your BOSS account.

If you do not have a tenancy agreement but have moved out of the parental home into alternative accommodation, we require some official proof such as a letter from the landlord or rent statement. The letter or rent statement should be on headed paper if available and should include their name, address and telephone number / email address.

If the above is not available then we may accept some official proof that confirms you live at that address such as a council tax bill or utility bill which has your name and new address on it.

If you cannot provide an original tenancy agreement, rent statement or letter on headed paper from the landlord/landlady then it will be the assessors decision on whether the proof provided will be sufficient to re-assess your bursary.

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