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Document Does my parent or partner need to send in evidence if they are in receipt of non-taxable benefits?

On the ‘Person 1 Means Tested Contribution’ page there is a section for your parent or partner to tick a box to declare if they are in receipt of a non-taxable benefit (Incapacity Benefit, Income Support and Income Related Employment Support Allowance). If they tick any of these boxes they will be required to send in a covering letter advising which benefit they receive, we do not require evidence of the actual benefit.

Failure to send in this covering letter could result in the delay of your bursary application being assessed.

Failure to provide your student coversheet and a self-addressed envelope (if you're sending evidence to us) will result in the assessment of your application and the return of your documents being delayed. This could also possibly result in a delay to any payment of bursary due to you.



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