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Document How do I prove that my parent(s) or partner does not have any income or taxable benefits?

If your parent(s) or partner has no form of income or taxable benefits, you will have declared zero on the application. They should enter an explanation for this in the income and expenses section of the application. For example, they are in receipt of non-taxable benefits, they are self employed but have not made a profit in the financial year or they have been reliant on their spouse, partner or civil partner’s income. The evidence email will not request any evidence for this.

However, if the application has already been submitted and they did not enter a reason for this they should send in a letter explaining this. This must be done each academic year when applying for your bursary.

Failure to send a letter of explanation could result in the delay of your bursary application being assessed.

Failure to provide your student coversheet and a self-addressed envelope (if you're sending evidence to us) will result in the assessment of your application and the return of your documents being delayed. This could also possibly result in a delay to any payment of bursary due to you.

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