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Document What evidence can I send to prove employee pension contributions?

Any of the following forms of evidence can be accepted to prove employee pension contributions:
  • P60
  • P45
  • PSM60 (Confirmation of pay)
  • Week 52 or final March payslip
  • Employers letter
If the P60 or March payslip shows taxable pay then this can be accepted as evidence of employee pension contributions. The taxable pay figure will be input, as income as the pension contribution will have already been deducted from this.

What do I need to send with my supporting evidence?

When sending any evidence, correspondence or paper applications you must include the following:
  • Student coversheet - You can print your student coversheet from the "Documents" section of your BOSS account. This contains your unique barcode reference which enables us to locate your BOSS record and link your documents to it.
  • Self-addressed pre-paid return envelope – This enables us to return your evidence to you. We recommend you pay Signed For or Special Delivery postage on this envelope so that you can track the return of your documents.
When posting anything to us, please also write your SBA reference number (you can obtain this from your student coversheet) in the first line of the postal address and your preferred return address on the back of the envelope that you are sending your documents in.

Failure to provide your student coversheet and self-addressed envelope (if you're sending evidence to us) will result in the processing of your application and the return of your documents being delayed. This could also possibly result in a delay to any payment of bursary due to you.

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