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Document Can I claim for community mileage?

As part of your practice placement, you may have to travel in the community to other practice placement sites or patients homes. Additional mileage / travel costs may be claimed if you are not offered free transport by your tutor.
We do not require individual patient address details however you must quote daily mileage totals on the claim form.
As with other placement travel, community travel costs have to exceed the normal daily transport costs to university.

If your course started prior to 1 September 2012, you would be entitled to claim the total cost of the mileage incurred as long as they exceed your normal daily costs to university. However if you have an income assessed bursary award of £0.00, your reimbursement will be subject to a travel disregard.
If your course started after 1 September 2012, you would be entitled to claim the difference of the community mileage costs compared with the cost of your normal daily transport costs to university, as long as your community mileage claim exceeds the cost of your daily travel to university.

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