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Document Can I claim the cost of a travel pass instead of paying for my journeys to placement daily?

Where it is found that the purchase of a travel pass will be cheaper than paying a daily return journey rate for the duration of the placement, the amount of the pass can be claimed for (assuming it is deemed as in excess of your normal daily travel cost to university). This is regardless of whether it covers days that you were not required to attend your placement.
In these cases we request that this is clearly outlined and confirmed by the university when authorising and submitting the claim. The cost of a standard daily return journey to your placement must be included in this confirmation.
To calculate whether the pass was cheaper than paying for daily tickets we will divide the full cost by the number of days it was used to travel to your placement.
You attend your placement on 20 separate dates within a month
28 day bus pass costs £50
Daily bus return ticket would have cost £4 per day
To calculate the daily cost of using the travel pass we would divide the £50 by the 20 days you attended your placement, which equals £2.50 per day. Therefore it works out cheaper to get the travel pass than buying separate tickets each day.
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