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Document What evidence is required to claim placement accommodation costs?

If you are claiming accommodation costs incurred during a placement, you must include evidence of these costs with your application.
This should be in the form of either credit/debit card receipts or an invoice or a tenancy agreement, where applicable. Evidence should include the following:
  • Credit / debit card receipts - should show the establishment name, the date of payment and the amount paid.
  • Invoices - should ideally include the student's name and the overall cost and be on some form of headed paper or include the name / logo of the establishment.
  • Tenancy agreements  - should name the student and include the cost, (such as monthly rent).
Courses starting prior to 1 September 2012
If your course started prior to 1 September 2012 you must also include evidence of your normal term time accommodation costs, unless you normally live with parents, covering the same period as your placement accommodation.
If you rent your term time accommodation, you should send your tenancy agreement. If you do not have this, you should send a letter from your landlord on headed paper, including the following information:
  •          Your and your landlord’s name
  •          Your and your landlord’s address
  •          The period of your tenancy
  •          Your rent cost
  •          Your landlord’s telephone number and / or email address
If you own your term time accommodation, you should send one of the following:
  •          A mortgage statement covering the dates of your placement
  •          A letter from your mortgage provider confirming your payments at the time of your placement
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