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Document If I left the Scheme with less than 2 years membership and I am now over my Normal Pension Age (NPA), will I receive a pension or a refund?

If you leave the scheme with less than two years membership your entitlement to a pension or a refund will depend on when you last made contributions to the scheme:

  • If you have paid pension contributions on or after your Normal Pension Age (NPA), you will be entitled to receive a pension.
  • If you left the scheme prior to your NPA, you must re-claim your contributions as a refund.

Please note: If you have been paid a refund before and the break in membership since the previous refund is less than one month. The previously refunded membership is then calculated with the new membership. If this results in total membership of over two years then the second period will not be refunded.

You can find a factsheet on refunds on our website.

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