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Document When should I pay a local refund of contributions collected as a result Auto Enrolment?

A local refund of contributions should be made if the member opted out by submitting an SD502 form within the opt out period.
The opt out period is one month from the later of the date the member:
  • was auto-enrolled; or
  • was provided with written auto-enrolment information. 
For example if the member was auto-enrolled into the Scheme on first day of the month and you sent the written confirmation letter on 20th then the member will have until 20th of the next month to opt-out of the Scheme to be within the opt-out period for a local refund and not to accrue any NHS Pension membership.
If the form had been incorrectly completed and was returned to the member to correct, the one month can be extended to six weeks.
For further information on Auto Enrolment, please see our website.
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