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Document Can we accept copies of documents?

Where original documents are requested we are unable to accept copies of documents. We always require sight of the original documents, unless the copy provided has been certified by a third party in a professional capacity.  However, we cannot accept if the person certifying the document is related to or in a  relationship with the applicant, or lives at the same address.
Certified copies must be signed and dated by a person described above and should be a true copy of the original.
To certify, the member should take the photocopied and original copy of the certificate or document to the person certifying who should;
Write "Certified to be a true copy of the original seen by me"
Sign and date it
Print their name under the signature
Add their occupation, address and telephone number

For members not yet in receipt of Pension, please send this to the address below:

NHS Pensions PO Box 2269 Bolton BL6 9JS

For members in receipt of Pension, please send this to the address below:

NHS Pensioner Admin PO Box 2268 Bolton BL6 9JRied

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