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Document Can I give a 3rd party authority to contact NHS Pensions to discuss my pension?

Yes, in order to do this you would need to provide a signed and dated letter of authority (LOA).
Authority can be given on behalf of an individual (such as a friend or family member) or an organisation (such as a Financial Advisory service) to both discuss your NHS Pension Scheme membership and request information (such as; pension benefit estimates, or Cash Equivalent Transfer Values). However there may be charges applied for the provision of certain information.
Where the 3rd party is an organisation you must confirm whether the authority is for the organisation as a whole or only named individuals.
The LOA should include:
  • Name (we can accept initial and surname e.g., D Smith)
  • Full Address including postcode
  • Signature
  • Date signed
  • NI or SD Number
  • Who is authorised (named individual/s or company)
Before disclosing any information the third party would need to pass security verifications when contacting NHS Pensions via telephone call or email.
You can submit third party authorisation for multiple individuals/groups if you wish. However, you must make it clear as to what subject matters we may release information about. The LOA will be valid for three years from the date of the letter. Should you wish to revoke authority before that time you must confirm this in writing to NHS Pensions.
A LOA can be sent to NHS Pensions via post or email attachment. When sending this by email we would advise you to use your membership number (SD), rather than your National Insurance number, for security reasons. Once the LOA is received it can possibly take up to 10 working days to add the authority to your record.
3rd party authority does not extend to the third party approving any financial transactions (such as the payment of your pension benefits or transferring your pension benefit) or making any amendments to your pension record (such as changing your address or bank details).

If a member is not capable of doing this themselves then a third party would need to have Power of Attorney or a Court of Protection Order to do this.

If you would like any other restrictions on the information we provide to the third party please clarify this in your letter of authority.

Please note NHS Pensions are unable to provide references for Pensioners.
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