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Document Can I re-join the NHS Pension Scheme if I already have deferred benefits in the Scheme?

As a deferred member of the scheme you can re-join the scheme providing:

  • you are under your Normal Retirement Age (for 1995 section members) or,
  • you have not reached the the maximum service or maximum age limits (for 2008 section members), and
  • are directly employed by the NHS
  • are a medical, dental and ophthalmic practitioner or trainee
  • are general medical practice staff
  • are working for other, certain approved employers
  • are a non-General Practice Provider
  • are a freelance locum medical practitioner

The section of the Scheme which you will enter into upon re-joining will depend on how much time has passed since you last paid contributions into the Scheme.

More information on rejoining can be found on our website.

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