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Document How do I make a complaint about NHS Pensions?

NHSBSA Complaints Procedure

An overview of the NHSBSA Complaints Procedure is available on our website. This details how you can make a formal, written complaint. It also advises of the timescales and stages involved.


If you behave unreasonably

In a very small number of cases people can pursue their complaints in a way that we consider unreasonable.

Where necessary, we will take action to protect the wellbeing of our staff and the integrity of our complaints process.

The NHSBSA will not tolerate deceitful, abusive, offensive, threatening or other forms of unacceptable behaviour.

Anyone who continues to display these types of behaviours may be put under certain restrictions by the NHSBSA during or after the complaints process. These can include:

  • telephone calls restricted to specified days and limited times
  • contact limited to one form only (for example, a maximum of 1 letter per week)
  • contact required to take place with one named member of staff
  • an agreement about future behaviour before the complaint is progressed
  • contact managed with the help of an independent advocate.
If someone continues to behave unreasonably, despite restrictions being in place, the NHSBSA may decide to terminate contact with them and discontinue any further investigation into their complaint. Only the NHSBSA Chief Executive can designate a complaint as unreasonable in line with this policy.

NHS Pensions Complaints Procedure

Where it is not possible to resolve a query or dispute by telephone through our Customer Contact Centre, NHS Pensions has complaints procedures for members and employers.
If you are a member who wishes to pursue a formal complaint regarding NHS Pensions, please read the ‘Complaints and Disputes’ leaflet and then complete form ‘DRP1’ which are available on our website.
If you are an employer who wishes to pursue a formal complaint regarding procedures, processes or service a member has received from NHS Pensions; please contact the Stakeholder Engagement Team directly with full details at
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