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Document If I have Fixed Protection, do I need to stop paying pension contributions?

No, the NHS Pension Scheme does not prohibit you from paying pension contributions in order to retain your Fixed Protection for Lifetime Allowance (LTA).

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) regulations state that anyone with Fixed Protection cannot pay any contributions to a defined contribution arrangement. The NHS Pension Scheme is classed as a defined benefits arrangement; therefore you are able to make further pension contributions to the Scheme, providing your pension benefits have not grown above the prescribed limits set by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) meaning you do not have benefit accrual.

Please note: It is important to note NHS Pensions will not test your benefits for benefit accrual. It is each individual Scheme member's responsibility to test for benefit accrual, which can occur at any time during a tax year. Additionally, NHS Pensions cannot provide financial advice on whether it would be beneficial for you to stop paying into the NHS Pension Scheme, or whether it would be necessary for you to cease contributions to the Scheme due to other HMRC regulations.

For more information please see the NHS Pensions website.

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