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Document If I have a Pension Share, will this affect my Life Time Allowance (LTA)?

When there is a Pension Sharing Order it will result in either a Pension Debit or a Pension Credit.
If it is a Pension Debit, we deduct the debit from the benefits you as the member are entitled to and we then calculate the LTA % therefore this will affect your LTA.
When it is a Pension Credit, we calculate the LTA % on the credit only, unless you are entitled to a NHS Pension as well, where we will calculate the total LTA % on both the Pension and Pension Credit.
If you have a Pension Sharing Order on your NHS Pension Benefits and hold any type of Protection (currently Primary, Enhanced or Fixed) you will only have to notify HMRC of any changes to your benefits if NHS Pensions tell you to do so after calculating your Award.
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