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Document I have Annual Allowance charges in two NHS Pension Schemes. Can I pay both charges from the same NHS Pension Scheme?

No. You can’t ask one NHS scheme to pay all your annual allowance charge. If you want us to pay some, or all, of your annual allowance charge then you will need to complete both two elections, one for each NHS scheme, in Part B of the Scheme Pays Election Notice (SPE2) available on our website.


You will need to tell us how much of the annual allowance charge you want each NHS scheme to pay. How much of your annual allowance charge the 1995/2008 and 2015 NHS Pension Schemes can pay depends on the pension input amount in each scheme.


You will need to add up the pension input amounts from the two pension savings statements we sent you. If you have not received a statement you can estimate these. You can make an election even where the pension input amount in one or both schemes is under your annual allowance, as long as the total pension input amount from both schemes is more than your available annual allowance. This could be the standard annual allowance or a reduced annual allowance.


The method of splitting the annual allowance charge between the 1995/2008 and 2015 NHS Pension Schemes is confirmed in the factsheet ‘Scheme Pays facility for transition members’ on our website.
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