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Document Who is responsible for paying the annual allowance charge to HMRC?

You are responsible for making arrangements to pay your annual allowance charge to HMRC. You can either:

  • pay all or part of the charge directly to HMRC; or
  • ask us to pay all or part of it for you using our scheme pays facility.

If you pay the charge yourself then it is payable as part of the normal self- assessment tax bill. Make sure you pay your Annual Allowance charge to HMRC by their 31 January deadline. You may have to pay interest if your payment is late.

HMRC have published a help sheet, HS345 - ‘Pensions - tax charges on any excess over the lifetime allowance, annual allowance and on unauthorised payments’ to help you to complete the ‘Pension Savings Tax Charges’ section on page Ai4 of the additional information pages.

From 2017/18 you can ask us to pay up to 100% of the annual allowance charge that relates to your NHS benefits as long as we receive your election before the deadline.

More information about the deadlines, reporting and paying an annual allowance charge can be located in the Pension Savings Statement Guide and factsheets on our website.

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