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Document What is Scheme Pays?

If you have an annual allowance charge you can ask NHS Pensions to pay all or part of the charge to HMRC.

If you want us to pay your annual allowance charge you need to complete a Scheme Pays Election Notice (SPE2) available on our website. In exchange for paying your charge we will permanently reduce your NHS benefits when you retire or transfer out.

If you are a member of both the 1995/2008 NHS Pension and the 2015 NHS Pension Scheme you can ask us to pay the charge from both NHS schemes. You can’t ask us to pay your charge from one NHS scheme only.

From 2017/18 you can ask us to pay up to 100% of the annual allowance charge that relates to your NHS benefits as long as we receive your election before the deadline.

We offer two types of scheme pays facility; mandatory scheme pays and voluntary scheme pays.

Details about the conditions and deadline for both are available in the Pension Savings Statement Guide and factsheets on our website.


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