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Document If I have left the NHS Pension Scheme, do I need an Annual Allowance pension savings statement?

If you:
  • were a deferred member for the whole of the input period (or a deferred member for the first part of the pension input period and a retired member for the remainder), or
  • left the Scheme part way through the pension input period and took a refund of contributions;
there would be no pension input amount in respect of the NHS Pension Scheme and you would not require a pension saving statement from us.

If you were an active member of the NHS Pension Scheme for part of the pension input period there will be a pension input amount for the period of active membership and you may need a statement. This applies whether your benefits remain deferred in the NHS Pension Scheme, they were transferred out to another scheme or you have retired.

Deferred NHS benefits are re-valued each year by annual cost of living increases. These increases are not included in any pension input amount.

If you were paying into pension arrangements outside the NHS during the pension input period you may need to approach your other pension providers for a pension savings statement.
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