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Document What is the Fixed Protection Benefit Accrual Declaration / FPBA1?

When a scheme member retires they must provide a copy of their fixed protection certificate to their employer to forward to NHS Pensions. They will also be required to declare they have not had benefit accrual up to and including the date of retirement.

Where a scheme member completes:
  • An older version of the AW8,
  • Their retirement date is 6 April 2012 or later and
  • They have fixed protection.
Then they must complete the Fixed Protection Benefit Accrual Declaration form FPBA1 available on the website.
Before NHS Pensions can use the fixed protection in relation to the payment of a scheme members NHS pension benefits we require confirmation that the member has tested for and has not had benefit accrual. This includes benefit accrual with any other pension provider.
Any delay by an employer in forwarding form FPBA1 and copy of the fixed protection certificate to NHS Pensions may delay the payment of pension benefits.
Further information about Fixed Protection and Benefit Accrual can be found on our website.
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