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Document How can I apply to transfer my pension from another NHS Pension Scheme?

If you would like to transfer pension benefits from another NHS pension scheme, such as the Scottish or Northern Irish NHS pension schemes, you should complete Form A of the transfer in application pack. In this circumstance, Form B is not required.

If you are a deferred member of our pension scheme we cannot guarantee that you will be able to transfer your benefits in this way. If you have a particular reason why you did not request to transfer your benefits into the NHS Pension Scheme while you were an active member, you should complete Form A and attach a covering letter, explaining why you are applying to make this transfer after leaving the NHS Pension Scheme. Your request will then be considered by NHS Pensions.

Please note: if you are over your Normal Pension Age (NPA) then a transfer of this kind would not be possible.
You can find Transfer In Guide and Application Pack on the NHS Pensions website.
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