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Document What is the process when transferring benefits into the NHS Pension Scheme?

The process for requesting to transfer pension benefits into the NHS Pension Scheme is as follows:
  • Transfer-In Guide and application pack (Form A and B) is completed and submitted by you to us at the NHS Pension Scheme. The Transfers Team will determine if you are eligible to transfer and estimate the benefits you would receive if the transfer went ahead. You will be sent a FA163 option form to let us know your
  • If you want to go ahead with the transfer, you need to tick 'Yes' on the FA163 option form and send it to the other pension scheme with any additional paperwork that the other scheme has asked you to complete.
  • If you do not want to go ahead with the transfer, you need to tick 'No' on the FA163 option form and return it to NHS Pensions.
Make sure you are aware of the time limits mentioned in our letter or the deadlines your sending scheme may have stated in their documents. If your transfer is delayed you have receive a lower benefit credit. If you have requested to transfer on Club terms you must elect to proceed with the transfer and return the option forms within 12 months of joining the NHS Pension Scheme otherwise your transfer may be completed on non-Club terms.

On receipt of the transfer payment from your previous pension provider, we will write to you to confirm the amount of membership that the transfer has purchased. We aim to send you confirmation of this within 3 months of receiving the transfer payment from your previous pension provider.


You may be able to transfer from a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS). If this applies to you please write to NHS Pensions for confirmation of our requirements. Overseas transfers include any transfers from NHS pension schemes in the Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey.

You can find the Transfer-In Guide and application pack on the NHS Pensions website.
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