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Document Why does my Total Reward Statement/Annual Benefit Statement show a normal pension age of 60 if I have Special Class/Mental Health Officer (MHO) status and I am still in NHS employment and contributing?

If you did not qualify for full protection and have now moved to the 2015 Scheme your 1995 Section Statement will show a normal pension age of 60 as you will no longer be contributing to the 1995 Section.
However, your 1995 Section Mental Health Officer/Special Class benefits will still retain a final salary link and you will be able to take these benefits unreduced at 55 as long as you still meet the relevant criteria at that time.
The pension and lump sum calculations shown on your 1995 Section statement will reflect the current level of benefits that you may be able to take at age 55.
TRS retirement age, TRS 55, TRS 60
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