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Document What should I do if there is missing or incorrect information on my Total Reward Statement / Annual Benefit Statement?

Missing Information

If there is no pension information on your statement, this may be because:
  • Your pension benefits cannot be calculated through the automated system. Please contact your pension officer at work who will be able to arrange for an estimate to be produced on your behalf.
  • You are not a member of the NHS Pension Scheme or you are a brand new member (with less than one year's service)
If there is no employment information your statement, this may be because:
  • Your employer does not use ESR and your employment details are therefore not available
  • You started your NHS employment during the current financial year. Statement information is always as at the end of the previous financial year.
Incorrect Information

The information used to calculate your pension benefits was held by NHS Pensions as at the end of the previous Scheme year.

This may mean that certain factors, such as changes in your working pattern or pay banding after the end of the previous Scheme year will not show until the next Total Reward Statement (TRS)/Annual Benefit Statement (ABS) update.
If any information from your employer was received after the 31 March, your Total Reward Statement /Annual Benefit Statement will not show this until the next update.
In the event that your statement has not been updated or contains incorrect information and you are unable to wait until your statement is refreshed next year, you should contact your employer who may be able to provide you with an estimate of your pension benefits. Requests for estimates where a Total Reward Statement /Annual Benefit Statement is available are chargeable in line with our estimate charging policy.
For further information please see the estimate request forms available on our website.
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