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Document Who is not entitled to claim their NHS pension on the grounds of redundancy?

If you fall into any of the below categories you would not be entitled to claim your benefits on redundancy terms:
  • If you have less than two years qualifying membership
  • If you have less than two years continuous employment
  • If you have not reached your Minimum Pension Age
  • Dental, Medical and Ophthalmic Practitioners including GPs
  • GP Practices
  • Out of Hours (OOH) Providers
  • Alternative Providers of Medical Services (AMPS)
  • Specialist Personal Medical Services (SPMS)
  • Certain direction body staff and staff working for other approved employers connected to the NHS (If your employer is unsure who this would affect then they should make an enquiry with NHS Pensions).
  • If your contractual terms and conditions do not entitle you to claim redundancy pension as an alternative to receiving, either in whole or in part, the cash redundancy payment from your employer.
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