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Document I have been issued a concurrent pensionable employment (AW343) form, what is this?

The concurrent pensionable employment (AW343) form is issued to you when you are claiming your NHS pension on grounds of redundancy and have a concurrent pensionable post, including Practitioner membership, in the NHS.

It establishes whether you wish to receive redundancy benefits only for the post you are being made redundant from and continue Scheme membership in the others or receive compensation benefits for all of your NHS employments. If you are claiming your pension from the 1995 Section you will not be able to rejoin the Scheme in any NHS re-employment, even if you have transitioned to the 2015 Scheme.
If you are claiming your pension from the 2008 Section and/or 2015 Scheme you may rejoin the Scheme in any NHS re-employment and build up a further pension.
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