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Document Which forms do Type 1 Medical Practitioners need to complete?

A Type 1 Medical Practitioner must complete the Estimate of NHS Pensionable Profits/Pay form on behalf of the GP Practice. Only one person in the practice needs to complete this form, usually the senior or main provider at the GP Surgery or Dental Practice.

If there is more than one Type 1 Medical Practitioner within the Practice, you will need to decide between yourselves who is responsible for completing this form.

The estimate of pensionable profits needs to be completed by the 1 April of each tax year on behalf of all the GPs within the Practice including any Type 2 Practitioners, and submitted to the relevant authority. Do not include Practice staff on this form.

To confirm your actual earnings for that year, the Annual Certificate of Pensionable Profit form needs to be completed. You should complete a certificate in respect of each contract that you hold.
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