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Document What is the process for completing the GP Locum A and GP Locum B forms?

You will complete the GP Locum A form (part 1) and send it to employers you are invoicing for the work you have performed. If you work for more than one employer, you will complete a separate Form A for each employer. We recommend that you keep an additional copy for your own records. Your employers will complete GP Locum A form (part 2) then return it to you, typically with a fee payment and the amount payable as employer contributions.

You will then complete the GP Locum B form at the end of each month and send this with your Locum A form to Primary Care Support England with a cheque for your employee and employer contributions.

Any post, including any claim forms, returns or cheques should be sent to
Primary Care Support England. The contact details for the relevant Primary Care Support England office are available on their website.

Please note: as a GP Locum, you cannot pay pension contributions on work performed more than 10 weeks ago.

You can find GP Locum A and GP Locum B forms on the Practitioners page of our website. If you do need extra guidance on filling in your GP forms you will need to get assistance from your accountant.
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