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Document What is the Estimate of NHS Pensionable Profits/Pay form?

The Estimate of NHS Pensionable Profits/Pay form must be completed by every GP Practice and APMS Practice and submitted to the relevant employing authority by 1 April each year. Only one person in the practice needs to complete this form, usually the senior or main provider at the GP Surgery or Dental Practice. The estimate of pensionable profits needs to be completed at the start of the tax year on behalf of all the GPs within the Practice including any Type 2 Practitioners.

The income declared should include all Practitioner income, including any out of hours, Locum or income received for other practices. For Non-GP Providers, their estimated share of the practice profits must be shown.

If the income for a year has been overestimated/underestimated following receipt of the Annual Declaration of Earnings the difference will be paid back or an invoice raised to the relevant GP/Non GP-Provider. Please note: practice staff should not be included on this form.

Please see the notes attached to the Estimate of NHS Pensionable Profits/Pay form for further guidance.

The Estimate of NHS Pensionable Profits/Pay form is typically available a few months before the 1 March deadline on the NHS Pensions website.
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