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Document What is the Annual Certificate of Pensionable Profit form?

The Annual Certificate of Pensionable Profit form is completed by Type 1 Practitioners and Non-GP Providers after the end of each pension year to confirm the individual practitioners income received for that year, as previously estimated at the beginning of the year by the GP Practice on the Estimate of NHS Pensionable Profits/Pay form.

  • Type 1 Practitioners include details of Type 1 Principal Practitioner income, Type 2 Assistant Practitioner income, pensionable GP Locum income, OOHs posts, PEC posts, salaried Bed Fund posts and pensionable pay from Limited Company Certificate of Pensionable Profits.
  • Non-GP Providers include details of your share of the practice income and expenditure as this determines your pensionable income or profit.

The form is submitted to your host or commissioning employing authority. Your employing authority will then provide your updated details to us and establish whether you have under paid or over paid any pension contributions.

  • If you are a GP Provider, the form is submitted to the employing authority where you are registered on the Performers List.
  • If you are a non-GP Provider, the form is submitted to the employing authority that you are contracted by.

The deadline for form submission is the end of February the following year.

For further information please see the guidance completion notes attached to the form on our website.

The Annual Certificate of Pensionable Profit form is available to download a few months prior to the submission deadline via NHS Pensions website.

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