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Document If I request a redundancy (compensation) estimate, can this be fast tracked?

NHS Pensions no longer offers a ‘formal’ fast track facility for redundancy estimates and requests will be completed within 40 days as per our service target for estimates.
Organisations requesting redundancy estimates via Pensions Online (POL) will need to email a ‘Request for an estimate of benefits (AW295)’ form to stating that the estimate has been requested through POL.
Please ensure that all requests via form ‘Request for an estimate of benefits (AW295)’ include:
  • Amount of redundancy payment
  • Whether the member is subject to Agenda for Change conditions
  • Pay and hours from 01/04, or date of commencement if later, for 2008 Section & 2015 Scheme members.
 We also have a redundancy calculator and guide available on our website. Organisations that do not use POL can contact the employer helpline to request a member’s start date for use with the calculator.
If you are planning a larger redundancy exercise of 20 members or more, please provide us with as much notice as possible so we can plan for the increased workflow.
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