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Document Which estimate types cannot be processed via Pensions Online (POL)?

The following estimates which cannot be calculated via POL will automatically generate a workflow for a manual calculation:
  •  male nurses with membership pre 16 May 1990
  • any calculations involving Additional Pension purchases
  • members whose pension is subject to a debit as the result of a Pension Sharing Order.

POL may calculate an estimate for members who have achieved maximum service or who have restricted service. However, the estimate may not use the correct membership in the calculation. These should be submitted via a paper AW295 or by email.

The following estimates cannot be calculated via POL, and should be submitted via a paper AW295 or by email:
  • members with practitioner membership 
  • members whose salary is below £5000 or above £200,000
  • members who would like to take or have previously taken Drawdown
  • Pension Credit members, awarded benefits as the result of a Pension Sharing Order.
You can download and print the paper AW295 from the NHS Pensions website.

For more information regarding Age Estimates and Benefit Statements, please see the Pensions Online Administration Guides on the website.
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