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Document If I am an Alternative Provider of Medical Services (APMS), how do I apply to become an Employing Authority (EA)?

The NHS Pension Scheme Regulations were amended on 5 April 2005 to allow Scheme membership for certain providers of Alternative Provider of Medical Services (APMS). APMS contractors that would be eligible to enter into a General Medical Services contract or Personal Medical Services agreement with a PCT or LHB can apply to become a Scheme Employing Authority.
To qualify as an Employing Authority (EA) , the APMS contractor must be run by an individual, two or more individuals in partnership, or a company limited by shares, but the individual, partners, or shareholders must all come from the ‘NHS family’.  The ‘NHS family’ consists of NHS Trusts and their employees, GMS/PMS Providers and their employees, and healthcare professionals.
APMS Providers and their employees are not entitled to receive pension on redundancy.

Once an application has been received we aim to send an acknowledgement within two weeks, however the code will be issued within two weeks.

The form you would need to complete is available on our website: Classis APMS Employing Authority code (EA code) request form

APMS Contractors whose APMS contract is terminating must contact NHS Pensions immediately to seek advice in respect of access to The NHS Pension Scheme. This includes APMS Contractors who, from April 2013, will now be commissioned by a local authority (and not a PCT) to provide NHS services.

APMS Contractors should, in the first instance, write to:

The Scheme Compliance Unit
NHS Pension Scheme
Hesketh House
200-220 Broadway

If you are an APMS who would like to become an EA, or an existing APMS EA who needs guidance on day-to-day pension administration, more information is available on the NHS Pensions website.


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