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Document If I am a Direction Employer, can my employees join the NHS Pension Scheme?

Your employee's entitlement to join the NHS Pension Scheme will depend on the conditions of your Direction.

If you are a Section 7(1) Direction employer, you should automatically opt your employees into the NHS Pension Scheme when they commence employment with you.

If you are a Section 7(2) Direction employer, your employees must meet certain criteria to join the NHS Pension Scheme. These criteria should be set out in your official Direction document, as issued by NHS Pensions. Access to the NHS Pension Scheme is only available to employees who fully satisfy the criteria detailed in a direction document.

Those staff eligible for membership and listed on the schedule (if a schedule is included in the Direction document) should be entered into the Scheme on day one of their employment.

More information on Direction employers is available on our website.

If you are unsure whether an employee is eligible to join the Scheme please email for further guidance.

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