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Document Who is entitled to receive a children's pension?

If you have dependent children, a children's pension may be payable on your death. This can cover a number of other possible child dependents, not just your own children It may be paid to:

  • Biological children
  • Children of your civil partner or nominated qualifying partner
  • Step children and adopted children
  • A brother or sister of you, your spouse, civil partner or nominated qualifying partner
  • A nephew or niece of you, your spouse, civil partner or nominated qualifying partner
  • A grandchild
  • A half brother, half sister, step brother, or step sister of you, your spouse, civil partner or Nominated qualifying partner
  • Children born before you left pensionable employment
  • Children born within within 12 months of the date you left pensionable employment

The details of who the children's pension should be paid to are requested on the Claim for payment of children's pension (AW158). It can be paid either to the person who has care of the children, or the children if they look after themselves and are 18 years old or over.

As part of the NHS Pension Scheme regulations certain criteria must be met in order for a children's pension to be payable in some circumstances, including if a child was not living with you when you left pensionable employment and when you died, or were not your biological child.

In these cases NHS Pensions may require documentary evidence to confirm that the child was financially dependent on you. Financial dependency in this context means that you made regular payments for the day to day upkeep of any child. This eligibility is determined at time of death rather than when you retire/left the scheme. If this is required NHS Pensions will contact your Legal Personal Representative to request this information.

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