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Document If I die whilst working in the NHS, how much will be paid as a lump sum on death benefit?

If you are a 1995 Section officer member the lump sum will be twice your actual annual pensionable pay and if you are a 2008 Section officer member it will be twice your actual reckonable pay.
If you are a practitioner, the lump sum on death will be twice the average uprated pensionable earnings for 1995 and 2008 Section members.
For members of the 2015 Scheme, the lump sum on death is the highest of either:

  • 2 x the relevant earnings in the last 12 months of pensionable service (this could be extended after the date of death if there is entitlement to untaken annual leave), or
  • 2 x the revalued pensionable earnings for the Scheme year, up to 10 years earlier, with the highest revalued pensionable earnings.

It is important to note that pensionable pay in the 1995 / 2008 Scheme are excluded in the calculation of the lump sum.
If you die with less than 365 days membership in the 2015 Scheme your relevant earnings in the 2015 Scheme will be up rated to 365 days using the formula:

Relevant earnings in the 2015 Scheme x 365
Number of days pensionable service in the 2015 Scheme

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