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Document How will the Surviving Partner Pension be calculated?

There will be two elements to consider when calculating the Surviving Partner Pension, reflecting the rules relating to both death before and after retirement. Entitlement to each element will depend on whether you were married to your spouse when you first retired and/or at the date of death.
  • providing you were married when you first retired your spouse or partner will get a short term pension for the first 3 months, 6 months if you leave at least one child who is dependant on your spouse or partner, at the same pension rate you were getting when you died, plus
  • the employer for whom you are working at the time of death will pay a short term pension for 6 months based on your re-employed earnings
After the short term pensions have ended your spouse or partner will get a Surviving Partner Pension (payable for life if you have membership on or after 1 April 2008). Again, there may be two elements to consider depending on the circumstances:
  •  the Surviving Partner Pension element notified at the time of your first retirement, if appropriate, plus
  • a Surviving Partner Pension equal to half the pension you would have got if you had retired on the day you died in respect of the re-employed membership only.
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