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Document What will the death gratuity lum sum be if I die during re-employment?

If you die in pensionable re-employment following retirement there will be two elements to be considered in calculating the lump sum as follows:
  • the lump sum in respect of the benefits that you have earned in re-employment, and
  • where death occurs within 5 years of retirement, the lump sum in respect of your original retirement pension

How is each element of the lump sum calculated?
  • the lump sum in respect of your re-employment will be equal to 5 times the pension for your service accrued
  • the lump sum in respect of any retirement benefits that have been in payment for less than 5 years will be the lesser of either:
  • 5 times your annual pension less the amount of pension already paid, or
  • twice your pensionable pay less any retirement lump sum paid
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