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Document What is increased survivor pension cover?

There was a time limited opportunity for active members of the 1995 Section to purchase increased survivor pension cover for all or any scheme membership before 6 April 1988 in respect of:
  • A widower
  • The surviving spouse of a person of the same sex
  • A civil partner
  • A nominated qualifying partner.
The option to purchase this cover was available from 13 March 2014 until 31 March 2015.

Active 1995 Section members did not have to be in a relationship to purchase this cover.
The features of increased survivor pension cover are as follows:
  • The survivors pension is index linked
  • It is payable for life regardless whether the beneficiary remarries, forms a civil partnership or lives with someone else as a non-legal partner
  • If the member dies or retires due to ill health before normal retirement age, any outstanding contributions will be waived
  • Once an application is signed and accepted the member must pay until the end of the contract. It cannot be revoked for any reason.
Once an election was made it could not be cancelled or revoked.
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