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Document What if I marry, form a civil partnership or nominate a qualifying partner after I retire?

If you marry or form a civil partnership, after you have retired or left the Scheme, your spouse, civil partner and, providing the following eligibility rules are met, your Scheme partner* will receive an initial (short term) pension for the first three months. This pension is payable at the same rate as your pension. If you have one or more eligible dependent children, this will be extended and paid for six months.

*Scheme partner - if you have pensionable membership on or after 1 April 2008 you can nominate your partner to receive an adult dependant’s pension after your death. Your application will be registered by NHS. However if you do not nominate your partner NHS Pensions will also consider eligibility for an adult dependant’s pension in the same way on condition that all other criteria is met (see below).

Eligibility for an adult dependant’s pension (Scheme partner only) can only be determined at the time of your death and is subject to the following eligibility rules:

For a continuous period of at least two years, ending with the date of death:
  • You and your partner are financially interdependent (i.e. you rely on your joint finances to support your standard of living, although you do not need to be contributing equally) or your partner is financially dependent on you.
  • You and your partner are living together in an exclusive long term relationship as if you are husband and wife or as civil partners
  • You and your partner are not prevented from marrying or entering into a civil partnership.
  • Neither of you is living with a third person as if you are husband and wife or as if you are civil partners
Following your death we will need to be satisfied that your relationship meets the qualifying conditions for the payment of an adult dependant pension. Your partner will be asked to complete a claim form and provide appropriate documentary evidence.

Spouse / civil partners – following your death your spouse or civil partner will be asked to complete a claim form and provide an original or certified copy of the marriage / civil partnership registration certificate.

In all cases we will also require sight of your spouse / civil partner/ Scheme partner’s birth certificates. These documents will be requested on the claim form NHS Pensions issue when they are notified of your death.

Once the completed claim form, required certificates and appropriate documentary evidence have been received, provided we are satisfied that your spouse / civil partner / Scheme partner is eligible we will then authorise payment of the initial pension (see above) and continuing pension at the following rates:

Widow half of the pension payable for scheme membership from 6th April 1978 only
Widower / civil partner /
Scheme partner /
spouse of the same sex
half of the pension payable for scheme membership from 6 April 1988 only
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