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Document What is the process for changing or cancelling a nomination made in respect of benefits payable on death?

If you have membership in the Scheme on or after 1 April 2008:

For changes to a nomination a lump sum on death benefit nomination (DB2) form should be completed,  to confirm the details of the new nominee(s). The new nomination will replace an existing one automatically.

The existing nomination cancellation (NOM1) form should be submitted to NHS Pensions to cancel an existing nomination so that any benefits payable upon death will be paid in accordance with the scheme rules, rather than to a named individual(s) or an organisation.

If your membership in the Scheme ended before 1 April 2008:

To instruct NHS Pensions to pay any lump sum on death benefit  to a legal personal representative instead of a spouse or civil partner a DB1 form should be completed. Please note that any spouse or civil partner would still be eligible for an adult dependant’s pension.

For more information on death benefit nominations visit our website.
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