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Document How will I pay for my Additional Pension?

You will normally have the choice of paying the full cost immediately by a single lump sum payment or having instalments deducted from your pay. Instalments are spread over a number of years of your choice, from a minimum of 1 year usually up to a maximum of 20 years.

If applying to pay with a single lump sum payment, the entire cost of the Additional Pension will be printed on your AP1 application form as a single figure. This amount must be paid in one go, once the application has been accepted by NHS Pensions.
If accepted, an AP3 letter is sent to you and your employer. You have one month from issue of AP3 acceptance letter to pay the cost to your employer (usually via a cheque made out to your employer) otherwise the application will be rejected.

If applying to pay by monthly instalments, the monthly cost of the Additional Pension will be printed on your AP1 application form. If accepted, an AP4 letter is sent to your and your employer. Instalments are payable for whole years only and can be paid over any number of years between 1 and 20 years.
Instalments are taken monthly through your employers payroll and the first monthly payment date wll be indicated on the AP3 acceptance letter.
The instalment period cannot end later than your Normal Retirement Age (60 for those in the 1995 section of the Scheme, 65 for those in the 2008 section).

To make an application for Additional Pension, please visit the Additional Pension calculator on the NHS Pensions website.
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