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Document How do I apply for Additional Pension?

The Additional Pensions Calculator on the NHS Pensions website contains the application form.

You will normally have the choice of paying the full cost immediately by a single lump sum payment or having instalments deducted from your pay. Instalments are spread over a number of years of your choice, from a minimum of 1 year usually up to a maximum of 20 years. To help you with your choice the Additional Pension calculator on this website will show you the cost by each method.

Before applying you may wish to consider your retirement plans and work out how much Additional Pension you want to buy. The calculator will insert the amount and cost on the application form for you. You will need to print the form, add your personal details and give it to your employer. If you have difficulties completing or printing the application form, please ask your employer to help you.

Your application for Additional Pension must be received within 6 weeks of the calculation being carried out, otherwise another calculation will become necessary. As age is one of the factors used in calculating the total cost of Additional Pension, a new calculation would also be necessary if you have a birthday between performing the calculation and submitting your application.
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