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Document What will happen to my Added Years or Additional Pension contract if I transfer to / from the NHS Pension Scheme in Scotland or Northern Ireland?

Transferring in

If you are transferring to the NHS Pension Scheme in England & Wales from the equivalent NHS scheme in Scotland or Northern Ireland then the scheme that you are leaving will send NHS Pensions in England & Wales copies of any continuing elections to purchase Additional Pension (AP) or Added Years (AY) by Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs). Providing that the contract is in order, you will be able to continue with your purchase and your current employer will be notified. However, any break in membership between the corresponding health service schemes must be no more than 12 months for the contributions to continue.

Please note: If you are concerned about building up AVC arrears whilst the transfer is taking place, you should speak to your current employer to see if an arrangement can be made locally to start paying the relevant monthly amount. Your employer will need to see a copy of your AVC contract. It would be down to the discretion of your employer as to whether this option is offered.

Transferring out

If it is a ‘transfer out’ to one of the equivalent NHS schemes in Scotland or Northern Ireland then NHS Pensions England & Wales will send copies of any continuing elections to purchase AP or AY by AVCs to the receiving NHS scheme.

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