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Document What is an NHS Stakeholder pension?

Stakeholder Pensions are an alternative way of saving for retirement but are not normally recommended as a main pension for someone who can join the NHS Scheme. If you are prevented from joining the Scheme for some reason and receive a moderate salary your employer must offer you a NHS Stakeholder Pension.
If you are a member of the NHS Scheme you can also use a NHS Stakeholder Pension to top up your main Scheme benefits. You can do this instead of, or as well as, other top-up arrangements. Because Stakeholder contributions are invested with an external provider the NHS Scheme cannot guarantee your fund or the amount of the pension it will produce.
If you choose to opt-out of the NHS scheme you will not be offered an NHS Stakeholder Pension. NHS Stakeholder Pensions are run for the NHS by providers Standard Life. If you would like to find out more about NHS Stakeholder Pensions please contact them to request a free information pack giving full details.  The contact details for Standard Life are:

Standard Life

Standard Life Group Pensions Public Sector
Standard Life House
30 Lothian Road

Website: www.standardlife.co.uk/nhs

Helpline number: 0800 33 33 06

As of 2015 Prudential ceased to offer NHS Stakeholder Pensions.  However, as a stakeholder pension is different to a MPAVC this has not affected the NHS Pensions MPAVC agreements with Prudential.

For further information on Stakeholder pensions, please see our website.

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