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Document What is a Non-GP Provider (Whole Time Officer)?

A member who is a Non-GP Provider is a partner, single-hander, or shareholder in a GMS, PMS, SPMS, APMS body (i.e. practice) who is not a GP.

For NHS Pension Scheme purposes a non-GP Provider is classed as a whole time officer. Their NHS pensionable pay is their share of the practice profits. This will include pensionable income in respect of ad hoc GP work that their GP colleagues have elected to ‘pool’.

If a non-GP Provider is involved in more than one practice they can only pension income from one selected practice. Like their GP Provider counterparts they must complete the Certificate of pensionable income.

Non-GP providers are classed as self employed therefore they are responsible for the employer and employee contributions.

Their Employing Authority for pension purposes in England is NHS England/NHSCB, in Wales it is the Local Health Board.

Non-GP Provider, Whole Time Officer