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Document What is a Type 2 Medical Practitioner?

A GP who is not a GP Provider who is employed (whether under a contract of service or for services) by a GMS practice, a PMS practice, a ‘classic’ APMS contractor, an OOH Provider, Local Health Board, a CCG or NHS England.

A type 2 medical practitioner must pension all of their practitioner earnings, with all practitioner income being added together in respect of allocating their tier. They must submit a self assessment form at year-end to their Employing Authority.

Their Employing Authority for pension purposes in England is NHS England/NHSCB; in Wales it is the Local Health Board.

Their employer is always the GMS practice, PMS practice, ‘classic’ APMS contractor, OOH Provider, Local Health Board, CCG or NHS England.

For the purposes of recording the employment type on Pensions Online (POL), a Salaried GP is classed as employment type 6.
Type 2, Medical Practitioner

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